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Intense and chaotic local co-op multiplayer. Careful not to get caught in friendly fire!Set in a world of renaissance inspired fantasy: Steel, magic and black powder! An adventure filled with danger, humor and epic moments. Rescue the Baron’s lost dog or die trying! Choose between different characters with awesome skills.

Game summary: The members of Shiresburg’s Royal Watch found themselves in an unusual situation: they have to find the Baron’s missing dog, that ran into the underground ruins. Abandoned by a dead civilization centuries ago, the ruins are a labyrinthian entanglement of halls, tunnels and chambers, inhabited by hostile creatures and infused with nefarious energies that warp reality.

Take on the role of one of the watchmen with up to three other friends, uncover horrors and mysteries in a 3D isometric environment, fight with monsters in a simple yet brutal combat system and find the poor dog before it’s too late.

Gameplay: Playable with up to 4 players, each person chooses one of the unique available watchmen. Each character has their unique weapon, skill and passive ability. The players  will explore the caverns emitting a faint light aura around them, passing rooms that could change places or disappear entirely when they come back. They will find aggressive enemies and will have to fight them to get to the end of each level alive.

The source code can be found at Github.


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Watchtower (Windows Build 1.0) 78 MB
Watchtower (Linux Build 1.0) 82 MB
Watchtower - One Sheet 83 kB
Watchtower - Early Ten Pager 613 kB
Watchtower - Post Mortem 107 kB

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